Waterproof Lipstick?!

Yes, it really does exist and it's amazing!! It's called Lipsense by Senegence and I've been using it since December 2015.

Also wearing waterproof foundation, creme to powder Shadowsense eyshadow and waterproof mascara!

A few problems most women can sympathize with...
  • Annoyed by leaving lipstick marks on your coffee/tea mugs
  • Constantly having to look in the mirror to either reapply your lipstick or check for marks on your teeth? 
  • Does any other woman out there have someone who won't kiss you while wearing lipstick?? 
  • More lipstick marks on wine glasses when out at a fine dining establishment, meeting or night out with friends? 

Well girls... problem fixed!  

Let me introduce you to my favorite lipstick...LipSense by Senegence!! When Lipsense Color and Gloss are applied together, they create a lasting all day wear lipcolor. 

How do I put it on?

Lipsense must be applied to clean dry lips. You use 3 layers, or coats, of color. 

Always top your 3 coats of color with a Lipsense Moisturizing gloss. It is formulated to work with the color and keep your lips hydrated while making the color itself smudge-proof, water-proof and kiss-proof! It comes in a variety of colors and types. (There is even a matte version if you don't want super shiny lips.)

The fun part!!!
 Since Lipsense is always applied in 3 layers...why not use 3 different shades to create your own custom color?

Here is a video that shows you how to apply Lipsense. 

Ok, but how much?

 Lipsense is equivalent to the purchase of 3 tubes of high quality lipstick. (Plus it will last much longer than those tubes as well!) Here's the breakdown: 
Lipsense Lipcolor  $25
Lipsense Gloss  $20
Ooops Remover  $10
A starter kit includes: 1 color, 1 gloss and 1 ooops remover. The cost of this kit is $55. One tube of Lipsense color will last approx 3-4 months if worn daily.

Can I place an order?

Of course!  Shop online: www.senegence.com/amlc
 Email me: aml_c (at) live (dot) com  (Replace words with symbols)

What if I don't like the color?

You may return the product to me for a full refund, or even choose another color you would prefer.

Give it a try! The joy of no longer leaving marks on my coffee cups and wine glasses is a wonderful feeling! (Plus my husband will kiss me more...bonus!!)
Annie wearing Caramel Apple Lipsense

1.) Mauve Ice
2.) Nude
3.) First Love
4.) Plum Pretty
5.) Gold Champagne
6.) Beige Champagne
7.) Pink Champagne
8.) Aussie Rose
9.) Summer Sunset
10.) Sheer Pink
11.) Coral Reef
12.) Caramel Apple
13.) Blu-Red

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